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FileMaker Server is a dedicated database server that opens FileMaker Pro files, makes them available to other machines on a network, and publishes FileMaker data in web pages on the Internet or a company’s intranet.



FileMaker Server is a dedicated database server that opens FileMaker Pro files, makes them available to other machines on a network, and publishes FileMaker data in web pages on the Internet or a company’s intranet.

FileMaker Pro is an application for creating and modifying database files. Before you install, confirm that your machines meet the minimum requirements listed below.

It allows you to securely host groups of FileMaker Pro* users over a network or on the web. This fast, reliable and easy-to-use server software securely manages your FileMaker Pro database.

When using FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone, connect to databases hosted on Server 12 for instant access to the most current information. Any changes you make to your data while you’re on the go are immediately accessible to your entire team. You can connect to Server 12 using a local wireless network or over the Internet using Wi-Fi or 3G

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Quick Installation and Administration

Install Server 12 quickly as well as manage your database remotely and automate administrative tasks.

Robust Scalability

Connect up to 250 FileMaker Pro users by adding Server 12. Moreover, get greater security and network performance.

Custom Web Publishing

Create custom, data-driven websites using PHP or XML. Get up to 100 concurrent web connections.

24/7 Reliability and Availability

Protect your data with scheduled live backups which run even while your database is in use. Access your database anytime with 24/7 availability.

Industry-Standard Security

Manage user access through external authentication via Active Directory/Open Directory. Use SSL encryption for secure data transfer.

Faster WAN Performance

Get greater performance over a wide area network (WAN) with Server 12. Finding data can be up to 40% faster as Server 12 sends less data across the network with fewer round trips. In addition, when searching in a field formatted as a value list or when filtering information in most portals, data will normally be retrieved in less than a second.

64-Bit Application

More memory allows faster data access especially with large databases or a large number of client connections. By temporarily storing more data in memory and only writing changes to the disk, Server 12 processes data faster and more efficiently as well as reduces the possibility of file corruption.

Stable Architecture

Enjoy greater stability in Server 12 with a re-architected database server. In addition to ODBC running as a separate process, now scripts and plug-ins run together as a separate process while progressive backups run independently. So if one of these processes happens to fail, it won’t affect the database server. The server will continue to serve data, just as expected.

Progressive Media Download

Progressively download videos and other media to your FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go clients. Now you can flip through records without waiting for files to completely download before moving to the next record.

Efficient Backups

Backing up large data sets using Server 12 is faster and more efficient than ever. Once you have a baseline backup, only files that have changed in your solution are backed up again. When storing data externally using the enhanced container fields in FileMaker Pro 12, only the container data that has changed is backed up.Server 12 introduces progressive backup, which tracks the bits that have changed in your database, bundles and applies them to the baseline backup. You can choose how often you want to run progressive backup, from as frequently as one minute to every 99 minutes. Now you can rest assured that even data that is accidentally deleted can be recovered from the most recent backup.

Improved Web Publishing Engine

The web publishing engine in Server 12 has been completely re-written and is now faster. With the ability to handle multiple data requests simultaneously, along with more efficient memory processing, you will see performance improvements of up to 65% when your custom websites interact with the PHP or XML API.

System Requirements

This section provides the minimum and recommended requirements for running FileMaker Server
on the following systems:

  • Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server version 10.6.7 and 10.7 (Intel-based computers only)
  • Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2 (32-bit installation only)
  • Windows Server 2008 Standard Edition SP2
  • Windows Server 2008 R2#
  • Windows 7 Professional Edition.

Note FileMaker Server is supported on Windows 7 for single machine installations for development use. Windows 7 is not supported for deployment use on multiple machine


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