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Huawei WS331C Wireless WiFi Extender is a radio signal repeater that can work with wireless access points (APs) to extend the wireless network coverage.

Using Huawei WS331c over a wireless network effectively helps solve radio signal issues, such as signal impairment and attenuation. The WS331c receives radio frequency signals (that is, 802.11 frames) from wireless devices, such as APs, clients, or other repeaters, and forwards the frames without changing the contents of the frames, thus extending the wireless network coverage. The wireless signals of the WS331c can cover some dead zones, such as the partition walls or partition floors of bedrooms, cellars, or yards, thus effectively extending the wireless signal coverage and easily implementing various wireless applications.

A wireless local area network (WLAN) with the Huawei WS331c supports the IEEE 802.11b,802.11g, and 802.11n standards, providing you with high-rate wireless networking functions. Check the Huawei WS331c Specification in the attached PDF file.

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Basic functions: Smart Sync (with the latest Huawei routers), Intelligent Roaming (with the latest Huawei routers), two-point extended to support energy-saving mode


LED: Status Indicator
Size: 60 mm x 50 mm x 31 mm (bare metal size)
Weight: About 200g (with packaging)
Power Specifications: 100V AC ~ 240V AC
Power plug: Built-in power plug
Total power consumption: <3.5W


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